Experience Unlimited is entirely volunteer led and operated. Members volunteer sixteen hours per month (an average of 4 just hours per week) towards EU operations … a combination of weekly meeting attendance (three hours per meeting as an example), department project work and desk duty at the Concord EU office. All work and the hours spent goes towards the monthly totals. Most important is maintaining your current skills or gaining new ones. In today's corporate marketplace, being able to show volunteer work for a non-profit is highly beneficial.This is very valuable during your job interviews, presenting on your resume and most important your LinkedIn profile. Share your expertise or learn new skills in Marketing, Information Technology, Training, or Business Operations, and Special Programs. Or take an opportunity for a key role by serving as a Department Chairperson or on our operating board as President, Vice President, or Secretary/Treasurer.

Department administrative meetings are held on Tuesday mornings, as part of the EU weekly General Assembly Meeting. Service hours are easily met as members volunteer their time for department project work throughout the week or month. Members post these hours and accomplishments on the EU website.

Responsibilities of each department are listed below:

Marketing Department

Information Technology Department

Training Department

Business Operations Department (Administration)

Special Programs Department (Featured Speaker Coordinator)