Maintaining Membership

To gain & retain access to all the resources of Experience Unlimited (EU), one must acquire & maintain "Active" membership status.  To do so, you agree to the following commitments:
  • Attend 2 General Assembly meetings a month.
  • Be a member of an EU Committee or Operational Department.
  • Attend 2 committee/department meetings a month for the committee which you have joined.
  • Volunteer 16 hours per calendar month to the organization's operational & maintenance needs.
    This is accomplished by a combination of attending General Assembly Meetings, Committee Meetings and additional volunteer work. (In order to count toward the month's total, volunteer hours must be recorded in the manner instructed no later than Wednesday prior to the last Friday of each month.)
  • Comply with all rules, regulations and Standards of Conduct of the Chapter. A copy of rules, regulations, and standards of conduct is given to each member during the Orientation workshop. Also available here. Standards of Conduct