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Experience Unlimited offers job search related workshops free of charge to its members. All workshops are held at our office area within the East Bay Works, Concord office on Port Chicago Highway. Typically they are three and half hours and held monthly or bi-monthly depending on the topic. All our workshops are designed and faciliatted by members of our Training Department. 

Membership is required for participation in all workshops except Job Search. Job Search is a prerequisite for Experience Unlimited membership and should be taken first if possible. It is offered twice per month because of its importance and to meet prospective new members schedules. Refer to the workshop description below for more details. Please note that some workshops such as Resume Review do require pre-work which should be completed prior to attending.

Signup sheets are available at every Tuesday general meeting. If you sign up for a workshop and are unable to attend please notify the facilitator or leave a message at the EU Admin Desk (925) 602-0166 prior to attending the class.

Click on a workshop title below to see a more detailed description.

Workshop Descriptions
Job Search Workshop 
 prospective members a chance to formally introduce themselves to other new members, discuss their current state of job search, where you need the most help, what challenges you are facing and review strategies in today's marketplace. An overview of the components necessary for making a successful career transition. Each participant will be encouraged to develop a job search action plan. EU provides an extensive Participant Guidethat goes into great detail on how to build and maintain your personal job search plan. 

Prerequisites: You must attend an Experience Unlimited meeting. Preparation: None

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Resume Writing & Document Preparation
Learn how to create or refine a resume summarizing your accomplishments, skills, and experience. Learn how to adapt your resume to today's electronic formats. Develop effective accomplishment statements (PAR statements are covered in a separate workshop). Prepare cover letters and other supporting documents.
Preparation: None required but it is recommended that participants bring their most current resume to compare to the presentation and take notes for updates and improvements.  

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Resume Review
Group reviews of your resume facilitated by experienced resume writers. Receive feedback on clarity and format and overall message being presented. Improve the presentation of your key strengths and skill sets.

Preparation: Bring six copies of your resume to the workshop. These will be distributed to all workshop participants for the purpose of receiving their comments.

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Learn how to network effectively and understand the overall inportance of ongoing networking. Identify and expand your existing network. Practice networking introductions (30-60 second speech). Learn how to set up and conduct informational interviews. (Also presented and discussed in LinkedIn 1.0 workshop).

Preparation: Email a copy of your resume to yourself. You will use portions of it in the E-Networking part of the workshop. Be prepared to access your email account; you will need to know your email address and your password.

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Interview Techniques
Learn about current interview practices. Provides information, ideas, and tools to prepare participants for various types of job interviews. Better understanding of the importance of looking professional, voice control and the role of posture in the intervbiew. Role plays are used to practice typical interview questions.

Preparation: Bring along your most feared interview question.

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Video Interviewing Practice
An opportunity to participate in a practice interview. The session is videotaped. Coaching and feedback is provided to help improve interview effectiveness.

Preparation: Find a job description that closely matches your job objective. Email it and your resume to one of the training committee chairperons, so that they can pass them on to the workshop facilitator. This MUST to be done one week prior to the workshop! The facilitator will create job-specific interview for you, video record your interview responses which you may take home & review your presentation.

Bring a USB 2.0 flash drive with 2GB of space to record your interview.

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Negotiating Total Compensation
Assess your value in relation to your target job. Better understanding of what you are seeking in the compensation package (salary versus benefits) to meet your needs. Learn what is negotaible and how to maximize your bargaining power. Find outside sources such as Glassdoors website that help understand salary ranges for most in all industries.

Preparation: None.

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Because of its importance in todays job marketplace, networking and social media, we offer both a LinkedIn 1.0 and LinkedIn 2.0 workshops, but with a different message. Almost everyone has a profile, but creating one that helps in your job search requires different techniques. In this workshop, strategies are taught on how to grow your network, help with branding yourself (very important in differentiating yourself from the competition), importance of joining groups and many other strategies. LinkedIn 2.0 builds on the first, but the emphasis is placed on reviewing the attendees actual profile. Each attendee profile is presented and reviewed by the group in a positive manner in keeping with the EU core values. Every attendee gains invaluable ideas on how to improve their profile in a very positive envoronment.

Preparation: Have your user name and password ready. 
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PARs Development
Jeff, Camille, Sara & Training Committee, put the workshop syllabus here!

Preparation: Bring your resume & stories of achievements from your life work experience.

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November 23, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - My Career Pivot Journey

November 30, 2021, Roger Laurel - “Take control of your Job Search” by Lauren Herring

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