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Networking with other professionals has proven to be one of the best ways of getting the job you want. Many people are not comfortable with networking but EU offers many different methodologies to help with this vital skill and this is accomplished all while maintaining our core values. 


Share your expertise or learn new skills in Marketing, Information Technology, Training, or Business Operations. Take an opportunity for a key role by serving as a Committee Director or on our operating board as President, Vice President, or Secretary/Treasurer.


Membership is required for all of our workshops except Job Search 1.0, with most workshops being three and a half hours in length and are offered bi-monthly or monthly. These are held at the EDD East Bay Works office in Concord off Port Chicago Highway. 

Other workshops include:

  • Resume Writing and Document Preparation
  • Resume Review
  • Networking
  • Interview Techniques
  • Videotaped Interview Practice
  • Salary Negotiation
  • LinkedIn and Social Media
  • Negotiating Total Compensation  
  • PAR (Problem - Action - Results) Statements 

Events / Speakers

Weekly motivational speakers present at our Tuesday General Meeting (held at our Walnut Creek site). A new member orientation is always given during our General Meeting, and some Success Teams groups also meet after the General Meeting.

Gold Card Exit

Gold Card is a term EU uses when a member has attained that new job or contract. This is always an exciting momemt for the member and the group at large when they hear of a fellow member becoming employed. A very positive moment for all. Members frequently post testimonials on our website, are invited to participate in selected networking events, and quite often return to the group as a presenter.


Our Recent Featured Speakers

Upcoming Presentations:

July 10, 2018, Sarah Holtzclaw, Sarah Holtzclaw 10 points for Beating the Dreaded Applicant Tracking System

July 17, 2018, Marcia Davis-Cannon, Encore Careers: Finding Work that Matters in Your Second Half of Your Life

July 24, 2018, Susan Chritton, Writing a Bio that Connects

July 31, 2018, Kevin Moore, Search Engine Optimization and You

August 7, 2018, Peter Engler Over 45 plus Job Search

August 14, 2018, Diane Greer, 30*60*90 First Days job Plan 

August 21, 2018 Steven Campbell - The Brain Whisperer, Rewire Your Brain to find that Perfect Job

September 4, 2018, *** No Meeting ***

Click "More" to see our past speakers & links to their services or websites


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That reminds me of . . .

Did you know? Linkage statements, used correctly, can connect almost all interview questions to your PARs.

  • Colleagues would probably tell you...
  • Peers would probably tell you...
  • My boss would probably tell you...
  • Subordinates would tell you...
  • That reminds me of ...
  • That's difficult to say, but ... ...
  • For example, ...

It takes practice, and you need to have a grab bag of PARs in your hip pocket, including 2-3 that speak to "learning opportunities." The ability to leverage this technique can be a powerful way to make you shine.

See Steven Richards' article: Surviving the Extreme Interview

Recent Gold Card Members

Congratulations to these members on their new jobs:

Camille Ferond - March

Alton Adebite - February

Samina Anwar - February

Debra Harris - February

Stephen Handley - December

Bruce Meibos - November

Sara Douglas - October

Loyd Auerbach - August

Cindy Van Lare - July

Julie Ugale - June

Mitch Ashley - June

Richard Fehl - June

Helen Natorilla - June

Carol Zischke - May

Gladys Pineda - April

John Jacob - March

Ken Silva - March

Steven Buhler - March

Jerome Jane't Sr. - March

Anne Belt - March

Duane Williams - March

Jessie Ding - February

Roberta Redden - January

Steve Aronson - January

Alicia Gordon - December

Mary Merschat - December

Andrea Orozco - December

Jalal Afifi - December

Don Toyofuku - November

Martin Wong - November

Carol Zischke - November

Brian Boer - October

Nicolas Menjivar - October

Steven Sheung - October

Mike Wood - October

Travis Burkey - September

Andrew Pierce - September

Steven Buhler - August

Jose Santiago - August