Experience Unlimited Contra Costa Chapter

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Joining Experience Unlimited

To become a member of Experience Unlimited is a 5 step process:

  1. Attend a General Meeting
    General Meetings are held weekly, Tuesday mornings, at Temple B'nai Shalom in Walnut Creek, and are open to the public. Click here for information on meeting time and agenda, appropriate dress, and directions to Temple B'nai Shalom.
  2. Attend Orientation
    Orientation is generally held during the first hour of the General Meeting. During Orientation, you will receive & begin completing the required application paperwork to become a member.
  3. Attend a Department Committee Meeting
    You may join any department that interests you and are free to switch departments at any time with the prior approval of each department director. Members often volunteer for projects in several departments, depending on their interests. For example, someone in IT may lead a Training workshop covering a topic with which they have a special background or interest.
  4. Enter your resume with CalJOBS
    Submit your resume online to CalJOBS and then print out a copy from the CalJOBS website and show it to any EDD staff member. CalJOBS is the California employment database, "California's Internet system for linking employer job listings and job seeker resumes".
    The system provides tools to post your resume at a variety of detail levels, from a high-level summary through details of five key jobs. Access to profiles are limited to authorized EDD-enrolled prospective employers, and personal information is easily kept off the profile.
  5. Attend the Job Search Workshop
    This workshop is generally held in one half-day session, either on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Prior sign-up for the workshop is required.
  6. Complete & Submit all application forms
    Acquire all required signatures on the "Application Checklist"
    Complete the member information form
    Complete the "Member Agreement" (Contract)
    Sign the, "Authorization to Release your Contact Information" (Optional)
    [to someone looking for you to offer employment]
    Turn all forms into either the Business Operations committee at a General Assembly meeting
    Place all completed forms in the "Business Operations" pocket document box on the partition wall to the side of the administration desk at the Experience Unlimited Office.

Types of Membership

  1. Active Members - enjoy full use of EU Contra Costa chapter resources. In order to be considered an active member of the chapter, you are required to:
    1. Be a department member in good standing.
    2. Volunteer 16 hours per calendar month, accomplished through a combination of attending General Meetings, Department Meetings and additional work on projects or other services
    3. Comply with all rules, regulations and Standards of Conduct of the chapter.
  2. Delinquent Members - members who have fallen 48 hours or more in arrears for required volunteer hours. Delinquent members may not use chapter resources and will be deactivated from the system until volunteer hours have been made up.
  3. Inactive Members - a member becomes inactive by either requesting that their status be changed due to personal circumstances or temporary employment of one week or more, or failing to complete the membership requirements for a period of 3 consecutive months. Inactive members cannot access chapter resources, however, they can reactivate membership within 12 months without going through the application process again.
  4. Alumni - Former members now employed, but who maintain a relationship with the chapter.
  5. Pending - Individuals in process of completing all membership requirements or awaiting administrative action to become an Active Members or in a process of changing their status.


Our Recent Featured Speakers

Upcoming Presentations:

All speakers commence anytime between 9/10am unless otherwise specified.

Click "More" to see our past speakers & links to their services or websites


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That reminds me of . . .

Did you know? Linkage statements, used correctly, can connect almost all interview questions to your PARs.

  • Colleagues would probably tell you...
  • Peers would probably tell you...
  • My boss would probably tell you...
  • Subordinates would tell you...
  • That reminds me of ...
  • That's difficult to say, but ... ...
  • For example, ...

It takes practice, and you need to have a grab bag of PARs in your hip pocket, including 2-3 that speak to "learning opportunities." The ability to leverage this technique can be a powerful way to make you shine.

See Steven Richards' article: Surviving the Extreme Interview

Recent Gold Card Members

Congratulations to these members on their new jobs:

Joseph Harrell - July 2018

Marilyn Heublein - July 2018

Belinda Watts - June 2018

Bruce Barbara - June 2018

Karla Villarpando - June 2018

Susan Haase - June 2018

James Driggers - June 2018

Dan Bauer - May 2018

Steve Keiter - March 2018

Camille Ferond - March 2018

Debra Harris - February 2018

Samina Anwar - February 2018

Alton Adebite - February 2018

David Sanford - January 2018

Mark Zotman - January 2018

Stephen Handley - December 2017

Bruce Meibos - November 2017

Karen Troth - September 2017

Tamara Mata - September 2017

Loyd Auerbach - August 2017

Cindy Van Lare - July 2017

Helen Natorilla - July 2017

Julie Ugale - June 2017

Mitch Ashley - June 2017

Richard Fehl - June 2017

Carol Zischke - May 2017

Katie Walsh - April 2017

Mavie Baluyut - April 2017

Linda Pratt - April 2017

Sandy Bennion - April 2017

Ian Marsh - April 2017

Ronald Musoke - April 2017

Phyllis Gaoiran - April 2017

Siegfried Richert - April 2017

Elisa Washington - April 2017

David Gwartzman - April 2017

Donna Moldoff - April 2017

Anne Graham - April 2017

Sally Yuen - April 2017

Juliette Jacques - April 2017

Sofia Suisala - April 2017

Gary Bristow - April 2017

Gladys Pineda - April 2017

John Jacob - March 2017

Ken Silva - March 2017

Steven Buhler - March 2017

Anne Belt - March 2017

Duane Williams - March 2017

Jerome Jane't Sr. - March 2017

Jessie Ding - March 2017

Veena Channon - February 2017

Dwight Shackelford - January 2017

Roberta Redden - January 2017

Cynthia Parras - January 2017

Mac Magana - January 2017

Steve Aronson - January 2017

Andrea Orozco - December 2016

Alicia Gordon - December 2016

Dave Stuckey - December 2016

Jalal Afifi - December 2016

Mary Merschat - December 2016

Bruce Meibos - December 2016

Don Toyofuku - November 2016

Carol Zischke - November 2016

Martin Wong - November 2016

Nicolas Menjivar - November 2016

Doug Casebolt - October 2016

Brian Boer - October 2016

Matthew Silverberg - October 2016

Mike Wood - October 2016

Sam Blittman - October 2016

Steven Sheung - October 2016

Travis Burkey - September 2016

Alicia Gordon - September 2016

John Loughlin - September 2016

William Schramer - September 2016

Jose Santiago - September 2016