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First Name Last Name Testimonials Comments Gold Card Date New Position
ClareClair  2014-08-29Front Desk Reception
StevenSchlick-Harris I cannot thank EU enough for all of the support during this transition. The group is great and I look forward to helping if I can. Thanks again EU for everything, I have made some great friends along the way too!2014-08-26Mortgage Underwriter
JulieGushwaChanging resume to a skills based resume influencial for this assignmentTemp position up to 4 months2014-08-22Radioloic Technologist
EricHemphill  2014-08-22District Sales Rep
Sarah Jones I really appreciate the support that Experience Unlimited has given to achieve my goal2014-08-22Administrative Assistant
SherellWilliams  2014-08-15Front Desk
RhondaAlleyExperience Unlimited was a valuable resource. I wish I had joined sooner. I met some great people. Learned some valuable things and it definitely helped me keep my head up during this difficult time. Thank you!My new position is temporary through 12/31/2014. I would like to put my membership on hold but hopefully will not be back, if you know what I mean.2014-08-12Administrative Assistant
JudyFainI want to thank everyone at EU, This was the first time I was ever in a job transition and I found the experience to be very rewarding and a great learning experience. I found everyone to be professional and very helpful and left with a couple new friends…I took all the classes offered and helped co- facilitate a couple. I enjoyed helping at the job fair and recruiting business to attend. I wish everyone the best in their own job search. 2014-08-09HR/Benefit Specialist
GeorgeRamstad  2014-08-08Flooring Specialist
PamelaDunn  2014-08-03AP Processor/Accountant
VincentDescoust  2014-08-01Department Manager
GlenSchneiderman I really enjoyed doing Job Search 2.0 workshops and supporting helping those who ventured to the class.2014-08-01Product Manager
VincentDescoust  2014-07-29Department Manager
PamelaDunn  2014-07-28AP Processor/Accountant
CarleneMcMasters  2014-07-28Service Manager
RobertLindbergEU is still the best place for any of us when we are in transition.Thank you all for your camaraderie and support.BobEU is still the best place for any of us when we are in transition.Thank you all for your camaraderie and support.Bob2014-07-18Business Manager
AnaHorn  2014-07-03 
MariaGarayPlease keep my info on file, I may be back in EU in a few months. Thank you so much for the job search resources, workshops and emotional encouragement.Accepted short term contract HR position with the City of Walnut Creek which should last roughly five months. I hope it will add to my work profile and make me an attractive candidate for more higher level roles.2014-06-16HR Assistant
SherrylBrinkleyThank you so much. I really appreciated the PARs class and the resume class.Found listing for several jobs at UC Berkeley. Contacted friend who was working there. She followed up with suggestion about a higher job. She walked my resume through the system. It took less than one week. This will be converted contract2014-06-15Accountant 4
AllanBreller  2014-06-13Senior Qiality Engineer
CarmenCastro RojasI negotiated my salary and obtained $12,000 more than first offered. Message: NEGOTIATE!!!Thank you Experience Unlimited2014-06-13Senior Court Service Analyst
StephanieCollinsPlease continue to participate in your job search process and volunteer with EU. They really liked that I was still facilitating. Although not mentioned in the job description there is a strong need in this position for me to train professionals in the area of electrical safety.This may just be my dream job :) My personal and professional traits align with this diverse organizaton. This is a new position, so I have the ability to make it my own.2014-06-09Deputy Electrical Safety Officer
ArnelTorres I would like to express my gratitude for the training, guidance, encouragement and support from my friends at EUCCC.2014-06-05Senior Operations Manager
TimCahalEU was great and the people I met, gave me the strength to carry on when it became difficult to carry on. Thank youGreat job, good people2014-06-03Director of Human Resources
JoelRubinsteinThanks for coaching support and excellant speakers to help with positive outlook.Happy to be working and learning new company website, while helping an old friend start his office.2014-06-02Licensed Sales Producer