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Gold Card Testimonials

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First Name Last Name Testimonials New Position
ConnieYaegerI met a lot of talented and experienced people at EU. Most were very congenial and I wish them well.Project Manager in the PMO
James "KEVIN"EschEU workshops & speakers provided training to assist me with searching and interviewing for opportunities. A GREAT help to me during my transition.Branch Manager
RobynRomanucciExcellent support systems, knowledgable, compassioniate folks who are very willing to share information, teach, educate, encourage each other, etc.Therapist
MichelineProctorThank you EU for adding structure and new ideas to my job search.Program Assistant
IvanHerreraI found EU to be a very supportive, encouraging and nurturing environment. The resources and workshops are invabuable.Regional Director
DanielCottonAlthough I didn't find a lead through EU, the moral support helped me get through the last month. Thanks very much!VP Engineering
SharonCraneI highly recommend joining this group if you are looking for employment. It is a really supportive atmosphere. I gained so much from the workshops and from other members at the general meetings, which kept me motivated during my search for my new job!Paralegal
SteveKeiterA few weeks after accepting this job, I was finally able to cross over to a clean tech job, my long term goal. Again, stripped down resume, clear goal, compelling story. Not completely where I want to be yet, but taking huge steps forward. Many thanks to friends and colleagues at EU who supported me through the tough times!Consumer Credit / Housing Counselor
CielGierkeEU helped me rewrite my resume and taught me more about networking and interviewing skillsRN for non-profit with clients meeting Laura's Law
AdamHernandezEU helped with a lot of feedback, support, training, encourgement, friendship, good intentions, and compassion. Interview training, resume, and job search workships were great!Clinician
AlexLopezYes - Helpful job search techniquesScientific Aid