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Gold Card Testimonials

default : reports four months of data if 'start' and 'end' dates are not specified

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First Name Last Name Testimonials New Position
SamBlittmanThe EU group in Concord, CA is a very worthwhile organization in helping people find jobs with a new mindset.Forensic Chemist
VioletVotinThanks for all the motivation! The program was helpful to stay on track. And I had a chance to meet a diverse, smart and helpful group with good ideas for taking my career forward.consultant
BarbaraThomasEU has been a great motivating experience the last 5 years. The support to start my craft business came from my success team which meets 4x a year.Task Rabbit Independent Contractor
YenHaEU has been instrumental in my transition to remain confident and focused. The moral support has been phenominal.Business Analyst
JacquelynRossEU was very helpful to stay focussed on job hunt, revising my resume and keeping me socially active.Office Manager
JuanitaScottEU has helped me. I see myself coming back to EU in the future, in order to help others as well as helping myself find that next job.seasonal retail
DonnaOwenVolunteering with EU has always allowed me to refresh my job search skills. It has also been a source of my best job leads, including my current position.Associate
GregorioNatorillaRecommend EU fo all professionals.Technical Sales Rep.
DebraJaideEU has been a wonderful resource. The workshops and skills I learned were very helpful.Patient Information Coordinator
ClaudiaSpainI enjoyed the support, skill building opportunities, and friendships made while a member of EU. The meetings, speakers, and projects, provided structure and incentive to continue the job search.Home Stylist
GregSchweiGet involved in EUPort Engineer
SharonHayesGreat support group, guest speakers and training…!Premium Auditor