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Gold Card Testimonials

default : reports four months of data if 'start' and 'end' dates are not specified

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First Name Last Name Testimonials New Position
GregorioNatorillaRecommend EU fo all professionals.Technical Sales Rep.
DebraJaideEU has been a wonderful resource. The workshops and skills I learned were very helpful.Patient Information Coordinator
ClaudiaSpainI enjoyed the support, skill building opportunities, and friendships made while a member of EU. The meetings, speakers, and projects, provided structure and incentive to continue the job search.Home Stylist
GregSchweiGet involved in EUPort Engineer
SharonHayesGreat support group, guest speakers and training…!Premium Auditor
StevePotterThank you very much for your help and encouragement. It was nice to work through the process together. I appreciated that everyone is encouraged to participate.IT Instructor
LeeStanhopeIn EU, I spent time identifying my skills (which had led to my pervious successes) and learning how to network, facilitating workshops, creating and using my PARs, networking and interviewing techniques, LinkedIn, and other social networking skills.Contractor - Application Performance Management