Experience Unlimited Contra Costa Chapter

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Gold Card Testimonials

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First Name Last Name Testimonials New Position
CynthiaParrasE.U. helped me focus on my search, meet people and rebuild confidence in my abilities.Finance
PatrickFollainEU experiecne was a positive support and helpful group to keep me focused and accoutable.Student full time
AndreaOrozcoMy involvement with EUCCC was extremely positive, energizing and fulfilling. EU helped by restoring my confidence, allowing me to re-engage professionally. I developed employment skills by participating in and eventually facilitating workshops. As a board member, I was able to engage in EU’s operation with other professionals. Thank you to all of the EUCCC members who have made my experience with this organization so positive.Campaign Director
AliciaGordonI really enjoyed the support from the group and I really enjoyed the speakers.Senior Logistics Coordinator
CarolZischkeBy actively developing new training skills by facilitating various EU classes and developing my style, it has helped me regain my confidence to persist in my job search over many months. The EU Board is awesome and key people at East Bay Works as well. I took advantage of the assessments and retraining and commend Sally Holliday as well for her professional analysis.Sales Associate
BrianBoerExperience Unlimited's Contra Costa Chapter provided me the means to re-engage as a professional after months of feeling 'unconnected'. EUCCC enabled me to become re-energized, conscious of my self-worth to a vibrant organization and led to my re-employment. Through outstanding workshops, thoughtful member interactions, and participation as a board member I am realizing my potential. Thank you to all EUCCC members.Operations Analyst
MikeWoodRestored my confidence, helped me discover my brand, helped to engage me (a shy person) with meeting new people.Maintenance/Food Industry