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Gold Card Testimonials

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First Name Last Name Testimonials New Position
ElmiraMarandiI head the pleasure of being a member of EU. A very energetic and supportive group of professionals who accept you quickly, share their failure and success stories to encourage you and stay with you until you find your desired position.Project Controller
MariaGarayThank you for all the support! Please keep in touch.HR Coordinator I
RobMillerI found my four months with EU to be a rewarding by being able to help the organization and assist others. The support from other members and the speakers helped keep meSenior Consultant
CarrieHallI will miss being with EU. I really enjoyed my time as IT Director back in 2013. 
GerryRileyEU helps teach skills you do not normally use: Resume writing, interviewing, and basically selling your skill set. They turned my rusty skills into invaluable talents, and it worked for me. I highly recommend Experience Unlimited to anyone who is out of work.Helpdesk Analyst
JosephPerkinsThe workshops really made a difference such as resume writing, mock interviews and linkedin tips.Thank you!Database Consultant
RochelleTaylorI want to thank all the members of EU for motivating me. EU techniques for resumes, social networking and interview practice helped me land my job. Thanks for all your help!Program Support Clerk
MaximusCleanIt gave me a renewed confidence and sense of purpose.Business Development Specialist
MichaelLopezBelonging to EU was invaluable. The classes helped in all phases of landing this job. And participating in the IT Committee and the EU helped rekindle that spark that helped provide the momentum I needed.Analytics Consultant 1