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First Name Last Name Testimonials Comments Gold Card Date New Position
MitchBloomfield Great Organization, I am so happy that I found EU and appreciated all of the support2014-04-18Project Manager
GeorgeClarke workshops really helped2014-04-18Project Manager
CherylCollinsGod is good all the time. Target your job, set your goals, believe in your values. Have courage and be encouraged. Ty for all of your support!!Stay connected to EU. Engage in all of their workshops/events/networking programs.2014-04-09Staff Admin Assoc
FredSahakian  2014-04-09Trainer
JulioTrujilloThank you for your invaluable support during my career search opportunities and helping me market myself better in a very competitive job market.I am gold-carding until the end of December 2014 when my project will end.2014-03-30Data Migration and Integration Analyst
JulieAnderson  2014-03-25Technical Writer
JoyceJohnasen  2014-03-14Customer Servicer Representative
PhilipKleinEU was most helpful.Answered ad on the internet seemed interesting.2014-03-14Head of Tax
Marcia Osmus Experience Unlimited was extremely motivating in assisting me with my job search. Key were the relationships I built that were supportive and the resources that were available.2014-03-11Sr. HR Business Partner
AlainDescoinsI particiularly appreciated the support fro EU and very valuable workshops.I will be on the look-out for opportunnities for EU members, specifically in the technical field, mechical and electrical.2014-03-07Director of Technical Services
ConnieFoote  2014-02-21Service Coordinator
RalphDuffOne of my LinkedIn contacts posted this job. I called and was hired within 78 hours, no kidding.This is possibly a short-term contract with the possibility of extending.2014-02-14IT Audit Manager - SAP
GaylBelfor  2014-02-13CRTP
PoncianoMillenaI would like to thank EUCCC. I learned a lot from the organization and met new friends along the way. I highly recommend to join a networking organization to expand ones perspective and help one get focus on job search. Good luck to everyone! God Bless! 2014-02-12General Foreman
PeterBehrman  2014-02-07 
GerardMeilan  2014-02-05Taxi Driver
AlanPolanger  2014-01-30CPA
HenryHirschelFound EU to be very valuable because of the continuity of people. Built friendships that continue. It was the consistence of people and the casual conversations that great ideas, leads and advice.Networking is the most important thing job seekers need to practice followed by a strong resume, and complete linkedIn profile. Make job search full time with work life balance2014-01-29VP Operations
PatrickSpeese Applied for position via internet listing found on CalJOBS, recruiter called and spoke to me about position on 01/21/2014 and then emailed me more details of job requirements. I responded and said I was open for an interview at which time they were requested that I interview on 01/22/2014 at 10:30am. Had a two hour interview on 01/22/2014 and was then contacted that afternoon with a Temp to Hire position and I accepted. They also requested that I start right away on 01/23/2014 at 12:00p and did2014-01-25Warehouse Clerk
VanessaPalacios EU is awesome!2014-01-24Associate Financial Advisor
FrankHarvey  2014-01-17Technical Analyst
ChristineSwihartResume building, interview prep and Linked In help was invaluable.Thanks so much for the help.2014-01-10Corporate Wellness Trainer
DelbertBoardsI greatly appreciated the encouragement and support that you have provided me during my time with the EUCCC, and especially with the I/T Department team members and Training department team/facilitators. The I/T department team members exemplify the true meaning of camaraderie and collaboration to uplift and help their colleagues. I will not forget the experience nor the association. 2014-01-06Director - Client Services
BillGoughI dont think you can over estimate the value of networking both as a member of the group and with individual contacts. I deeply appreciate the camaraderie and education. 2014-01-05Community Relations Director
KathyMorrisonExperience Unlimited provided a safe place to learn new skills, receive encouragement when the road to employment became bumpy, and opportunity to network. May people were helpful by referring me to job sites and employment opportunities. They were always available to discuss employment issues. My words of advise - Never Give Up.My assignment is at the Dublin campus of Fluor. I will be assisting a project manager and handle all administrative responsibilities as assigned.2014-01-04Senior Administrative Assistant