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Experience Unlimited offers job search related workshops free of charge to its members.

Membership is required for participation in all workshops except Job Search. NOTE: Job Search is a prerequisite for Experience Unlimited membership. Refer to the Job Search description for more specific requirements.

Most workshops are 3½ to 4 hours in length and are offered bi-monthly or monthly. Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Note that some workshops require pre-work which must be completed prior to attending the class.

If you sign up for a workshop and are unable to attend please notify the facilitator or leave a message at the EU Admin Desk (925) 602-0166 prior to attending the class.

Click on a workshop title below to see a more detailed description.

Workshop Descriptions

  • Job Search Workshop - REQUIRED FOR MEMBERSHIP
  • An overview of the components necessary for making a successful career transition. Each participant will be encouraged to develop a job search action plan.
    Prerequisites: You must attend an Experience Unlimited meeting.
  • Preparation: None

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  • Resume Writing & Document Preparation
    Learn how to create or refine a resume summarizing your accomplishments, skills, and experience. Develop effective accomplishment statements. Prepare cover letters and other supporting documents.

    Preparation: None required but it is recommended that participants create a list of their previous jobs, skills and accomplishments prior to the class.

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  • Resume Review
    Group reviews of your resume facilitated by experienced resume writers. Receive feed-back on clarity and format. Improve the presentation of your key strengths and skill sets.

    Preparation: Bring six copies of your resume to the workshop. These will be distributed to all workshop participants for the purpose of receiving their comments.

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  • Networking
    Learn how to Network effectively. Identify and expand your existing network. Practice Networking introductions (30-60 second speech). Learn how to set up and conduct informational interviews.

    Preparation: Email a copy of your resume to yourself. You will use portions of it in the E-Networking part of the workshop. Be prepared to access your email account; you will need to know your email address and your password.

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  • Interview Techniques
    Provides information, ideas, and tools to prepare participants for various types of job interviews. Role plays are used to practice typical interview questions.

    Preparation: Bring along your most feared interview question.

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  • Video Interviewing Practice
    An opportunity to participate in a practice interview. The session is videotaped. Coaching and feedback is provided to help improve interview effectiveness.

    Preparation: Find a job description that closely matches your job objective. Email it and your resume to one of the training committee co-directors, so that they can pass them on to the workshop facilitator. This MUST to be done one week prior to the workshop! The facilitator will create job-specific interview for you, video record your interview responses which you may take home & review your presentation.

    Bring a USB 2.0 flash drive with 2GB of space to record your interview.

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  • Negotiating Total Compensation
    Learn how to negotiate total compensation including: salary, bonuses, incentive pay, vacation time, paid time off (PTO), health care benefits, flexible hours, telecommuting. Discuss factors involved in establishing fees for self-employment opportunities..

    Preparation: None.

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  • LinkedIn
    Classroom discussion of LinkedIn followed by Hands-on work in the EDD computer lab to set up and/or refine your LinkedIn profile. Add people to your LinkedIn network. Learn advanced LinkedIn features.

    Preparation: If you are a beginner, bring your resume and a list of contacts you know or have worked with in the past.

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2012 Spring Forward Event Photographs

Upcoming Presentations:


4/15/14 Jane Ransom, "Five Scientific Motivators to Keep You on Track", Jane Ransom- The Science of Personal & Professional Relationships

4/22/14, Ronan Cosme, "The Ascent Path: How to Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate." Ascent Services Group

4/29,14, Ellen Looyen, " The Art of Personal Branding" Ellen Looyen Communications

5/6/14, Odette Pollar,  "Strategic Volunteering:How Advisory Council Positions Can Keep You in the Game", Matches that Matter       

5/13/14, William K. Wesley, JD, MBA, "Full Life Balance", Full Life Balance

5/20/14, Ian Moore, "The Rules of Three- Communication, Achievement & Happiness", Moore Career Consulting

5/27/14, Dr. Laura Lyons, "How to Find the Job You Deserve"

6/3/14, Jeff Lemmo, "TBD" Jeff Lemmo NY Life Agent

6/10/14, Marjorie Wallace, "Success Tips from an Employment Lawyer:  Papertrail your next Job", Marjorie's LinkedIn profile

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Get A New Perspective with Tony Friday

MK-Tony Friday front view (Cropped Photograph 157x220 pixels)

A past Experience Unlimited president, Tony Friday offers motivation and inspiration. Visit his blog, "A Powerful Day" and website, "Causing Excellence".

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