Experience Unlimited Contra Costa Chapter

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Experience Unlimited is entirely volunteer led and operated. Members volunteer sixteen hours per month (an average of 4 just hours per week) towards EU operations … a combination of weekly meeting attendance (three hours per meeting as an example), department project work and desk duty at the Concord EU office. All work and the hours spent goes towards the monthly totals. Most important is maintaining your current skills or gaining new ones. In today's corporate marketplace, being able to show volunteer work for a non-profit is highly beneficial.This is very valuable during your job interviews, presenting on your resume and most important your LinkedIn profile. Share your expertise or learn new skills in Marketing, Information Technology, Training, or Business Operations, and Special Programs. Or take an opportunity for a key role by serving as a Department Director or on our operating board as President, Vice President, or Secretary/Treasurer.

Department administrative meetings are held on Tuesday mornings, as part of the EU weekly General Assembly Meeting. Service hours are easily met as members volunteer their time for department project work throughout the week or month. Members post these hours and accomplishments on the EU website.

Responsibilities of each department are listed below:

Marketing Department

  • Promotes Experience Unlimited to job seekers, employers, human resources and recruiters
  • Represents EU at networking events and local job fairs
  • Schedules, coordinates and plans events and leads our online fund raising efforts.
  • Handles public relations with media and community organizations
  • Continually seeks new ways to support members in their job search
  • Participates in membership outreach activities
  • Manages our social media presenece on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter 

Information Technology Department

  • Provides support and security for EU's computer hardware, software and Internet connectivity.
  • Creates, updates, and maintains the EU Contra Costa Chapter Web site
  • Maintains the EU Contra Costa Chapter Yahoo Group

Training Department

  • Designs and develops workshops in all areas for EU members
  • Facilitates career-search related workshops
  • Creates and maintains the EU workshop calendar in coordination with EDD counterparts
  • Works closely with EDD in providing support at county wide job fairs. 

Business Operations Department (Administration)

  • Maintains membership records
  • Manages the EU Concord office at Port Chicago Highway
  • Meets and greets people at the EU office
  • Answers EU office telephone
  • Posts new job listings and responds to EU e-mail thru our Yahoo Groups
  • Coordinates with Gold Card members (designation when they get a new job) in completing their membership, staying in touch, and managing member testimonials. 

Special Programs Department (Featured Speaker Coordinator)

  • Provides featured speakers for our 11AM presentations
  • Assists with our 9:30AM, focused and abbreviated workshops and exercises
  • Maintains the Upcoming Presentations article on the website
  • Maintains the featured speakers list with contact information & schedule

Some of our Featured Speakers

Upcoming Presentations:


April 25, 2017, Carrie LaShell. "The ABC's of First Impressions", Carrie LaShell

May 2, 2017, Rebecca Martin, "Three Ways to Own your Power (and how to get rid of  everything else)"Rebecca C. Martin

May 9, 2017, Julia Glyde, "Thriving in the Midst of Transition"Julia Glyde

May 16, 2017, Phyliss Ginsberg, "Possibilities"Phyliss Ginsberg.com

May 23, 2017, Chestor Santos, The International Man of Memory, "Memory Training for Job Seekers"International Man of Memory.

May 30, 2017, Group Exercise

June 6, 2017, Linda Patten, "Leadership in the Job Interview: What you need to know"Dare to Dream with Linda

July 18, 2017, Dr. Beth Halbret, "Managing Your Inner Teenager", Dr. Beth

Click "More" to see our past speakers & links to their services or websites


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Recent Gold Card Members

Congratulations to these members on their new jobs:    

Anne Belt - March

Duane Williams - March  

Jessie Ding - February

Roberta Redden - January

Steve Aronson - January

Alicia Gordon - December

Mary Merschat - December

Andrea Orozco - December

Jalal Afifi - December

Don Toyofuku - November

Martin Wong - November

Carol Zischke - November

Brian Boer - October

Nicolas Menjivar - October

Steven Sheung - October

Mike Wood - October

Travis Burkey - September

Andrew Pierce - September

Steven Buhler - August

Jose Santiago - August

Connie Yaeger - July

Robert Chapple - June

Kevin Esch - June

Luis Medina - June

Micheline Proctor - June

Edward Rennacker - June

Robyn Romanucci - June

Pam Fenenbock - May

Ivan Herrera - May

Sherrie Hamilton - May

Elisa Minaya - May

Steve Keiter - May

Carlun Robinson - May

Sharon Crane - April

Ciel Gierke - April

Adam Hernandez - April

Alex Lopez - April

Carole Lucido - April