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Job Search Resources

The Riley Guide
The Riley Guidee
** A directory of employment and career information resources and services on the Internet.

Job Hunter's Bible
The Job Hunter's Bible
** Richard Bolles's guide to using the Internet in job search; includes information from What Color is your Parachute and a review of other career resources.

Northern California Job Star
** San Francisco area job search guide. Click on "California", "National", or "Worldwide" for information on other areas and links to CareerJournal, the Wall Street Journal's online career site.

Salary References
Salary References
**Regional salary indicators; links to WorkTree and other job boards.

Elite Leads - Business Development
Elite Jobs
** No job listings, but lots of information for sales professionals.

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Government Agency Job Resources

EDD (California Employment Development Department)
California EDD
** Information about California unemployment benefits, disability benefits, labor market statistics, jobs, and job search resources. Good links to other government agencies.

Contra Costa County Library
Contra Costa County Library

For local, state, and federal government information, the Government Guide helps you find contact information, government documents, government web links and other library resources.

The Job Seeking Guide highlights top web links and library resources for job seekers.

East Bay Works
East Bay Works
** A "One-Stop Center" for job seekers, sponsored by the State of California and various East Bay counties.

** California's online job board.

** The United States Office Of Personnel Management website. The US government's one-stop source for federal jobs and employement information.

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Other Experience Unlimited Chapters

ProMatch - Sunnyvale
Pro Match
** Silicon Valley's Experience Unlimited affiliate ProMatch, a professional resource career center. Links to many other useful sites.

Marin Professionals - San Rafael
Marin Professionals
** Marin County Experience Unlimited affiliate, MarinPro.

Other EU Chapters

Experience Unlimited Chapters Listed Statewide
** EDD Experience Unlimited - Local Information
Lists all California Experience Unlimited affiliate chapters.

Experience Unlimited - Corona Chapter
Inland Empire Chapter
The Corona Chapter has links to many EU chapter web links.

AVPPNG - Antelope Valley
Antelope Valley Experience Unlimited
** Antelope Valley Professionals Plus Networking Group (Lancaster, CA) Experience Unlimited affiliate.

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Commercial Job Sites

California Jobs
** California online job network for major metropolitan areas.

Bay Area Jobs
Bay Area Jobs
** Bay Area employment resource for employers and job seekers.

America to Work Job Resource
America to work
** Job postings and other great news; search by country, US state or local US regions.

Retirement Jobs
Retirement Jobs
** Member based site that identifies companies most-suited to older workers and matches them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle. Free to members.

AIRS Recruitment Information
AIRS Directory
** Job board and job search tools.

680 Careers
680 Careers
** Focus on Interstate 680 corridor Tri-Valley employment. Links to many useful sites, including company job listings, government sites, and other area resources.

Monster Board & Hot Jobs
Monster Job Board
** Popular & extensive job board and career site. (Hot Jobs has been acquired by Monster.com)

** Technology job board.

Craig's List
Craig's List
** Job postings and other great news; search by region or the whole San Francisco Bay Area.

** Innovative professional networking website. EUCCC maintains a group on LinkedIn.

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Educational Institutions with Job Listings

University of California, Berkeley
University of California Berekley
** Undergraduate, graduate level, and continuing education courses in a wide variety of subjects.

California State University, East Bay - Contra Costa Campus
California State University, East Bay - Contra Costa Campus
** Courses in a wide variety of subjects.

ROP Technology Center
Conta Costa County ROP Technology Center
** Contra Costa County Regional Occupational Program Technology Center offers classes in computer applications, accounting, and web page design.

Diablo Valley College
Diablo Valley College
** Located in Contra Costa; part of the Contra Costa Community College District.

Los Medanos College
Los Medanos College
** Located in Pittsburg; part of the Contra Costa Community College District.

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Newspapers with Job Listings

San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate)
Jobs Section, San Francisco Chronicle
** Classified Ads job listings; links to BayRecuiter.

Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News
Bay Area Job Listings from the Contra Costa Times
** Direct links to Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News, and several other media properties, including InsideBayArea.com (with links to the Oakland Tribune, Fremont Argus, San Mateo County Times, Hayward Daily Review, Tri-Valley Herald, and the Alameda Times Star), Marin Independent Journal, SiliconValley.com, and GreenFairSiliconValley.com.

News Links
** Extensive portal to other news sites.

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Pearls of Wisdom from our EU leadership

Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt Podcast Blogs
Leadership messages which apply to job seekers!


Upcoming Presentations:


7/15/14, Bill Pollack, "How to Keep Your Financial Boat Afloat during a Career Change" Your Money Journey

7/22/14, Michael Webb, "6 Weeks to Multiple Job Offers", Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.

7/29/14, George Parrish, "Networking", Eco File Corp

8/5/14, Donna Fedor, "Creating a Powerful Foundation and Plan for your Job Search, Affinity People Solutions

8/12/14, Vanesse Johnson, Brand You and Your Career", On the Move Careers

8/19/14, Al Hulvey, "Getting a Job is as Easy as 1-2-3", CareerActions.org

8/26/14, Hannah Bell, "TBD", BornCEO

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A past Experience Unlimited president, Tony Friday offers motivation and inspiration. Visit his blog, "A Powerful Day" and website, "Causing Excellence".

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Ana Horn  - Jul. 2014
Allan Breller  - Jun. 2014
Arnel Torres  - Jun. 2014
Carmen Castro Rojas  - Jun. 2014
Joel Rubinstein  - Jun. 2014
Maria Garay  - Jun. 2014
Patrick Perez  - Jun. 2014
Sherryl Brinkley  - Jun. 2014
Stephanie Collins  - Jun. 2014
Tim Cahal  - Jun. 2014
Bill Diener  - May 2014
David Witte  - May 2014
Don Wycoff  - May 2014
Heather Ramamurthy  - May 2014
Jean Pierre Maeder  - May 2014
John Falco  - May 2014
Joseph Warzeniak  - May 2014
Kathleen Stavis  - May 2014
Larry Gerquest  - May 2014
Stephen Gelardi  - May 2014
Wah Cheong  - May 2014
Cheryl Collins  - Apr. 2014
Fred Sahakian  - Apr. 2014
George Clarke  - Apr. 2014
Julio Trujillo  - Apr. 2014
Michael Papas  - Apr. 2014
Milton Rivera  - Apr. 2014
Mitch Bloomfield  - Apr. 2014
Alain Descoins  - Mar. 2014
Joyce Johnasen  - Mar. 2014
Julie Anderson  - Mar. 2014
Linda Wojcieson  - Mar. 2014
Marcia Osmus  - Mar. 2014
Philip Klein  - Mar. 2014
Susan Dittman  - Mar. 2014
Alan Polanger  - Feb. 2014
Connie Foote  - Feb. 2014
Gayl Belfor  - Feb. 2014
Gerard Meilan  - Feb. 2014
Henry Hirschel  - Feb. 2014
Ponciano Millena  - Feb. 2014
Ralph Duff  - Feb. 2014
Bill Gough  - Jan. 2014
Christine Swihart  - Jan. 2014
Delbert Boards  - Jan. 2014
Frank Harvey  - Jan. 2014
Kathy Morrison  - Jan. 2014
Patrick Speese  - Jan. 2014
Peter Behrman  - Jan. 2014
Vanessa Palacios  - Jan. 2014