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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Experience Unlimited?
  2. What services does EU offer to job seekers?
  3. What services does EU offer to EU Alumni?
  4. Do I have to be a member to use EU resources?
  5. How do I become a member of EU?
  6. What must I do to maintain my EU membership?
  7. Can I put my EU membership "on hold"?
  8. How can I get a calendar of EU meeting speakers and workshops?
  9. Does EU have a dress code?
  10. What are the EU committees?
  11. Does EU provide child care?
  12. Who pays for EU services?
  13. How may I receive EUCCC Yahoo! Group mail?
  14. How do I stop receiving EUCCC Yahoo! Group mail?

  1. Experience Unlimited (EU) is a no-fee career resource center and job search networking group for business and technical professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. EU is sponsored by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) and supported by EU volunteers.

    The Contra Costa Chapter of EU (EUCCC) serves the needs of professionals in the Central Contra Costa area, roughly centered in Walnut Creek. A list of other EU chapters may be seen on the California EDD site by clicking here.

  2. EU members have access to workshops, job listings, networking events, office facilities, resume assistance, interview practice, support groups and more....

  3. EU alumni are invited to participate in selected networking events, databases and online discussion groups. Interested alumni should call or visit the EU office for details.

  4. EU weekly General Meetings are open to the public on a space-available basis. Access to EU office resources, workshops and network database is limited to active EU members and qualifying alumni.

  5. Read the initial membership requirements. To get started, call or come by the EU office. Sign up to attend an orientation meeting. Attend the chapter General Meeting.

  6. To remain an active member of EU, you agree to:

    1 - Attend 2 General Assembly meetings a month
    2 - Attend 2 Committee Meetings a month for your committee of choice
    3 - Volunteer 16 hours per month (an average of 4 hours each week) to EU operations

    Most members find this requirement easily met by simply attending Tuesday's weekly General Meeting (1 service hour), a Committee Meeting immediately following (1 service hour), and through assigned department work or projects with service hours awarded generally based on the time required to perform the task.

    For a list of tasks & the credit granted for each task, refer to page 10 of the Orientation Guide.

    For more information, refer to Membership Requirements.

  7. "Active" members of EU who have completed all membership requirements may change their membership status to "inactive" by submitting a Change of Status Form. Inactive members do not have access to EU office resources, but they do continue to receive job postings through email and the Yahoo Group (EUCCC). Inactive members can reactivate membership within six months without going through the application process again.

  8. EU members and other interested parties can obtain a copy of the monthly calendar at the EU office. EU members can also access the calendar online via the Yahoo Group (EUCCC) or by clicking on the EU Calendar icon which appears at the bottom of each menu sidebar on this site.

  9. EU dress code is business attire for weekly general meetings and networking events. Dress code is "business casual" for the EU office and workshops.

  10. EU has four operational departments: Marketing, Information Technology, Training, and Business Operations (Administration). Departments are staffed by EU volunteers.

    Members can volunteer to share their expertise in a particular area or to learn a new skill. Click here to learn more about the responsibilities of each department.

  11. No, child care is not available at the EU office or the Concord EastBay WORKS facility. It is not appropriate to bring children to the EU office.

  12. Our tax dollars support EU through the California EDD (Employment Development Department). In addition, our non-profit affiliate organization, Experience and Resource Network (EARN) provides additional support and resources for EU, Contra Costa Chapter.

    Financial considerations aside, Experience Unlimited thrives through the faithful support of the kind members and staff of Temple B'nai Shalom in Walnut Creek, the hard-working staff of the Concord EastBay WORKS facility, and ongoing encouragement of our Alumni members.

  13. Send email communication to " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ". In the subject line input, "IT Group -- Yahoo! Group mail". Request to be included & the address you want to receive email. Activation requires a Yahoo! group list moderator to accept your request.

  14. Exiting the EUCCC Yahoo! Group list is a self exit process. An "Unsubscribe" link is found at the bottom of EVERY communication sent from the group. Click "Unsubscribe" found at the bottom of ANY communication.


2012 Spring Forward Event Photographs

Upcoming Presentations:


4/15/14 Jane Ransom, "Five Scientific Motivators to Keep You on Track", Jane Ransom- The Science of Personal & Professional Relationships

4/22/14, Ronan Cosme, "The Ascent Path: How to Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate." Ascent Services Group

4/29,14, Ellen Looyen, " The Art of Personal Branding" Ellen Looyen Communications

5/6/14, Odette Pollar,  "Strategic Volunteering:How Advisory Council Positions Can Keep You in the Game", Matches that Matter       

5/13/14, William K. Wesley, JD, MBA, "Full Life Balance", Full Life Balance

5/20/14, Ian Moore, "The Rules of Three- Communication, Achievement & Happiness", Moore Career Consulting

5/27/14, Dr. Laura Lyons, "How to Find the Job You Deserve"

6/3/14, Jeff Lemmo, "TBD" Jeff Lemmo NY Life Agent

6/10/14, Marjorie Wallace, "Success Tips from an Employment Lawyer:  Papertrail your next Job", Marjorie's LinkedIn profile

 Click below to see links from past Speakers


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Get A New Perspective with Tony Friday

MK-Tony Friday front view (Cropped Photograph 157x220 pixels)

A past Experience Unlimited president, Tony Friday offers motivation and inspiration. Visit his blog, "A Powerful Day" and website, "Causing Excellence".

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