Welcome to Experience Unlimited!

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Welcome to Experience Unlimited!
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Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church

10 Moraga Valley Lane, Moraga, CA.

Mission Statement:

Experience Unlimited Contra Costa Chapter (EUCCC) is a volunteer network of business professionals who come together to provide a supportive environment that empowers our members with self-help job search and marketing skills and to provide a forum for professional networking and sharing job leads.

General Meeting Location and Time:

Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church
10 Moraga Valley Lane
Moraga, CA 94556-1152

9:30 a.m. Meeting Starts
9:45 a.m. Orientation, Member News
9:30 - 12:30 p.m. General Meeting/Orientation & Speaker or Activity

Map & Directions:

From Interstate Highway, California, 680:

Exit California State Highway 24 westbound towards Oakland. Exit at Central Lafayette/Moraga (#13). Continue the 270ยบ
"corkscrew" right turn on to south bound First Street into downtown Lafayette. Turn right on Mount Diablo Boulevard, west
bound. Within 2 city blocks (660 feet), turn left onto Moraga Road south bound. Proceed 5.25 miles south to Moraga Way. Turn right
onto Moraga Way. About a half a mile west, turn right on Moraga Valley Lane.

From California State Highway 24 Eastbound:

Exit at Orinda (#9), Moraga Way south. Proceed 4.5 miles south on Moraga Way, turn left onto Moraga Valley Lane.

Moraga Presbyterian Church is at the top of the hill, parking is on the left.


2014 Job Fair Photographs

Upcoming Presentations:

September 27, 2016, Anita Johnson, "Negotiation: Getting What You're Worth"

October 4, 2016, Steven Campbell, "Rewire Your Brain to find that Perfect Job"

October 11, 2016, LaShawn B. Wells, "Vision and the Power of Goal Setting, Living the Life You Imagine"Right Choice Coaching

October 18, 2016, Matthew Silverberg, "Your Work Portfolio" , Matthew Silverberg

October 25, 2016, TBA

November 1, 2016, TBA

November 8, 2016, TBA

November 15, 2016, Julie Anderson, "Want Success? Use Your Brain"Your Best Mind Online

November 22, 2016, Group Activity

November 29, 2016, Absolute Abby, Absolutely Abby


Click "More" to see our past speakers & links to their services or websites


Events Calendar -- Click year, month, or day

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That reminds me of . . .

Did you know? Linkage statements, used correctly, can connect almost all interview questions to your PARs.

  • Colleagues would probably tell you...
  • Peers would probably tell you...
  • My boss would probably tell you...
  • Subordinates would tell you...
  • That reminds me of ...
  • That's difficult to say, but ... ...
  • For example, ...

It takes practice, and you need to have a grab bag of PARs in your hip pocket, including 2-3 that speak to "learning opportunities." The ability to leverage this technique can be a powerful way to make you shine.

See Steven Richards' article: Surviving the Extreme Interview

Recent Gold Card Members

Congratulations on your new job in 2016:

Alicia Gordon - September

Travis Burkey - September

Andrew Pierce - September

Steven Buhler - August

Bruce Meibos - August

Jose Santiago - August

Connie Yaeger - July

Robert Chapple - June

Kevin Esch - June

Luis Medina - June

Micheline Proctor - June

Edward Rennacker - June

Robyn Romanucci - June

Pam Fenenbock - May

Ivan Herrera - May

Sherrie Hamilton - May

Carole Lucido - May

Elisa Minaya - May

Steve Keiter - May

Carlun Robinson - May

Sharon Crane - Apr.

Ciel Gierke - Apr.

Adam Hernandez - Apr.

Alex Lopez - Apr.

Carole Lucido - Apr.

Nisme Kanan - Mar.

Tom McClure - Mar.

Renna Robles - Mar.

Teresa Castle - Feb.

Blanca Hernandez - Feb.

Jim Ogden - Feb.

Bruce Meibos - Jan.