Welcome to Experience Unlimited

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Welcome to Experience Unlimited
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Meeting location change:
Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church
10 Moraga Valley Lane, Moraga

Mission Statement:

Experience Unlimited Contra Costa Chapter (EUCCC) is a volunteer network of business professionals who come together to provide a supportive environment that empowers our members with self-help job search and marketing skills and to provide a forum for professional networking and sharing job leads.

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Temporary Change of Meeting Location

General Meeting Location and Time:

Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church
10 Moraga Valley Lane
Moraga, CA 94556-1152

9:00 - 9:15 a.m. Informal Networking
9:15 - 9:30 a.m. Member News and Needs
9:30 - 12:00 p.m. General Meeting/Orientation & Speaker or Activity

Map & Directions:

From Interstate Highway, California, 680:

Exit California State Highway 24 westbound towards Oakland. Exit at Central Lafayette/Moraga (#13). Continue the 270ยบ
"corkscrew" right turn on to south bound First Street into downtown Lafayette. Turn right on Mount Diablo Boulevard, west
bound. Within 2 city blocks (660 feet), turn left onto Moraga Road south bound. Proceed 5.25 miles south to Moraga Way. Turn right
onto Moraga Way. About a half a mile west, turn right on Moraga Valley Lane.

From California State Highway 24 Eastbound:

Exit at Orinda (#9), Moraga Way south. Proceed 4.5 miles south on Moraga Way, turn left onto Moraga Valley Lane.

Moraga Presbyterian Church is at the top of the hill, parking is on the left.


2012 Spring Forward Event Photographs

Upcoming Presentations:

 8/26/14, Sandra Patino, "Strategies to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities", Sandra Patino Global

9/2/14, Sandy Sanderson, "Anatomy of an Interview", Meridian Executive Resources

9/9/14, Tony Wilkins, "Ten Tips for Increasing Your Visibility with Prospects", Tony Wilkins Talk Radio

9/16/14, Antoinette Dawson, "Part 1- You're in our Top 3, Preparing for the Final Interview"

9/23/14, Teresa Garza, "Keep Your Home California, " San Francisco Housing Development Corporation

9/30/14, Ron Elsdon, "How to Build a Non-Traditional Career Path", Elsdon Organizational Renewal 

10/7/14Noelle Morra, "TBD"

10/14/14, "Antoinete Dawson, "Part 2 -You're Hired, Preparing for the Offer"

10/21/14, Alan Bailey, " Recruiting Exposed" Bara Infoware, Inc.

10/28/14, Richard Bertrand, "Navigating a Successful Transition" LinkedIn Profile

11/4/14, Mark Sackett, "The Art of Active Networking", The Art of Active Networking

11/7/14, Puja Marcus-Brooks, "TBD", Edward Jones


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Get A New Perspective with Tony Friday

MK-Tony Friday front view (Cropped Photograph 157x220 pixels)

A past Experience Unlimited president, Tony Friday offers motivation and inspiration. Visit his blog, "A Powerful Day" and website, "Causing Excellence".

Recent Gold Card Members


 Clare Clair - Aug.

Eric Hemphill - Aug.

George Ramstad - Aug.

Judy Fain - Aug.

Julie Gushwa - Aug.

Rhonda Alley - Aug.

Sarah Jones - Aug.

Sherell Williams - Aug.

Steven Schlick-Harris - Aug.

Ana Horn - Jul.

Carlene McMasters - Jul.

Pamela Dunn - Jul.

Robert Lindberg - Jul.

Vincent Descoust - Jul.

Allan Breller - Jun.

Arnel Torres - Jun.

Carmen Castro Rojas - Jun.

Joel Rubinstein - Jun.

Maria Garay - Jun.

Patrick Perez - Jun.

Sherryl Brinkley - Jun.

Stephanie Collins - Jun.

Tim Cahal - Jun.

Bill Diener - May

David Witte - May

Don Wycoff - May

George Clarke - May

Heather Ramamurthy - May

Jean Pierre Maeder - May

John Falco - May

Kathleen Stavis - May

Larry Gerquest - May

Michael Papas - May

Stephen Gelardi - May

Wah Cheong - May

Cheryl Collins - Apr.

Fred Sahakian - Apr.

George Clarke - Apr.

Julio Trujillo - Apr.

Michael Papas - Apr.

Milton Rivera - Apr.

Mitch Bloomfield - Apr.

Alain Descoins - Mar.

Joyce Johnasen - Mar.

Julie Anderson - Mar.

Linda Wojcieson - Mar.

Marcia Osmus - Mar.

Philip Klein - Mar.

Susan Dittman - Mar.

Alan Polanger - Feb.

Connie Foote - Feb.

Gayl Belfor - Feb.

Gerard Meilan - Feb.

Henry Hirschel - Feb.

Ponciano Millena - Feb.

Ralph Duff - Feb.

Bill Gough - Jan.

Christine Swihart - Jan.

Delbert Boards - Jan.

Frank Harvey - Jan.

Kathy Morrison - Jan.

Patrick Speese - Jan.

Peter Behrman - Jan.

Vanessa Palacios - Jan.