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Upcoming Presentations:

All speakers commence anytime between 9/10am unless otherwise specified.

November 23, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - My Career Pivot Journey

November 30, 2021, Roger Laurel - “Take control of your Job Search” by Lauren Herring

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November 16, 2021, Jeff Phillips - Transitioning from a Corporate Job to Entrepreneur

November 2, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - "How to Get A Good Job After 50" by Rupert French - Part 3

October 26, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - "How to Get A Good Job After 50" by Rupert French - Part 2

October 19, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - "How to Get A Good Job After 50" by Rupert French - Part 1

October 12, 2021, Roger Laurel - Making Powerful PAR Statements

October 5, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - Facilitator Training

September 28, 2021, No Meeting

September 21, 2021, Jeff Phillips - Don't Take Yes for an Answer - Chapters 7-9, and Conclusion "Grow or Die"

Past Presentations & Speakers:

September 14, 2021, Jeff Phillips - Don't Take Yes for an Answer - Chapters 4-6 Don't Take Yes for an Answer" by Steve Herz

September 7, 2021, Carlton Gill - How to Get a Job Without Applying On Line - Austin Belcak

August 31, 2021, Jeff Phillips - Don't Take Yes for an Answer - Foreward, Intro, Chapters 1-3

August 24, 2021, Roger Laurel - Courageous Job Hunting Chapters 5-Conclusion

August 17, 2021, Roger Laurel - Using Cisco WebEx for Effective Teleconferencing

August 10, 2021, Roger Laurel - Courageous Job Hunting Chapters 1-4

August 2, 2021, Anyone - Job Hunting Success Stories

July 27, 2021, Gayle Razzaboni - Situations Women Face in the Workplace

July 20, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - Make them Smile, Chapters 3 - 25

July 13, 2021, Open Meeting

July 6, 2021, Open Meeting

June 29, 2021, Open Meeting

June 22, 2021, Open Meeting

June 15, 2021, Open Meeting

June 8, 2021, Roger Laurel - What is the potential of a Parliamentarian? & Tenson Robinson - "The Advantages of Becoming a PMP"

June 1, 2021, Toni Browne-McCree - Make them Smile, Chapters 1 & 2

May 25, 2021, Our Job Future Outside of EU

May 18, 2021, Our Job Future Outside of EU

May 11, 2021, Our Job Future Outside of EU

May 3, 2021, Antonio Mercado, "Agile/Scrum: Best Practices part 2",
Jeff Phillips, "What Color is Your Parachute, Chapters 10-11 & Orange Pages"

April 27, 2021, Antonio Mercado, "Agile/Scrum: Best Practices part 1","Jeff Phillips, "What Color is Your Parachute, Chapters 7-9"

April 20, 2021, William Pollack, "How to Keep Your Financial Boat Afloat During Career Transition"

April 13, 2021, Jeff Phillips “What Color is Your Parachute, Chapters 5-6” postponed

April 6, 2021, Jeff Phillips “Using Microsoft Teams to your best, What Color is Your Parachute, Chapter 4”

March 30, 2021, Loretta Bissio “Getting the most out of O*NET”

March 23, 2021, Roger Laurel “Chapters 13 - 14 of Review of Get Back to Work by Melissa Washington”

March 16, 2021, Roger Laurel “Chapters 9 - 12 of Review of Get Back to Work by Melissa Washington”

March 9, 2021, Tenson Robinson -“How to Become a Voice-Over Talent”

March 2, 2021, Gilda Reitano - “The Advantages of Becoming a PMP” & Chapters 5 - 8 of Review of Get Back to Work by Melissa Washington

February 23, 2021, Chapter 1 - 4 of Review of Get Back to Work by Melissa Washington

February 16, 2021, Fred Gleeck - "How to Become An Information Marketer/Infopreneur" & Chapter 12 - 18 of Review of Cut the Crap, Get a Job by Dana Manciagli

February 9, 2021, How to Write a Grant by Charles Terry & Chapter 1 - 4 of Review of Get Back to Work by Melissa Washington

February 2, 2021, Chapter 9 & 11 of Review of Cut the Crap, Get a Job by Dana Manciagli

January 26, 2021, Chapter 7 & 8 of Review of Cut the Crap, Get a Job by Dana Manciagli

January 19, 2021, Chapter 5 & 6 of Review of Cut the Crap, Get a Job by Dana Manciagli

January 12, 2021, Section 2 of Review of Cut the Crap, Get a Job by Dana Manciagli

January 5, 2021, Chapters 1-4 of Review of Cut the Crap, Get a Job by Dana Manciagli

December 29, 2020, Chapter VI and VII Review of Job Searching in Pandemic Times book by Donna Cornell

December 22, 2020, Chapter VI and VII Review of Job Searching in Pandemic Times book by Donna Cornell

December 15, 2020, Highly Effective Networking, Networking Tools & Advanced Strategies, Moving from Networking to Interviewing & Job Offers, Chapters 9 & 10

December 8, 2020, Highly Effective Networking, Build Your Professional Networks, Chapter 8

December 1, 2020, Highly Effective Networking, Your Personal Networks & How to Use Them, Chapter 7

November 24, 2020, Highly Effective Networking, Plan your Job Search - and Your Network, Chapter 6

November 17, 2020, Highly Effective Networking, Your Total Network is Bigger Than You Think - Chapter 5

November 10, 2020, Highly Effective Networking, Networking Myths, Misunderstandings & Dumb Ideas, Real Networking & How it Works, Chapter 3 & 4

November 3, 2020, Jeff Phillips, Requium from a Publisher

October 27, 2020, Toni Browne-McCree, Networking

October 20, 2020, Highly Effective Networking. Everybody Knows You Need to Network, Systematic Job Search Networking - Chapters 1 & 2

October 13, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. The Orville Pierson Method - Summary, Chapter 12

October 6, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. The Orville Pierson Method Keeping - Score, Chapter 11

September 29, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. 7 Search Techniques, Chapter 10 & Milestone #9

September 22, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. How Many Fish are in That Pond?, Chapter 9 & Milestone #8

September 15, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. Milestone #8

September 8, 2020, Meeting Postponed

September 1, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. Milestone #6 & 7

August 25, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. Milestone #4

August 18, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. Milestone #3

August 11, 2020, The Highly Effective Job Search. Part 1 of 6

August 4, 2020, Ted Prodromou, Making LinkedIn Simple

July 28, 2020, Nancy Nelson, Selling Online on Ebay: Creating an Income Stream

July 21, 2020, Randy Block, Your Brain Can Change

June 30, 2020, Carol Ann Wentworth, A Mindful Career

June 23, 2020, Jason Alba, Career Management 3.0

June 16, 2020, Donna Fedor, Getting UnStuck: How to Re-THINK Your Job Search

May 26, 2020, Bill Pollack, Getting Your Finances In Order During a Time of Job Loss Interis Financial Partners

May 12, 2020, Roberta Guise, Branding Yourself

May 5, 2020, Marcia Davis-Cannon, Resilience

April 28, 2020, Richard Bertrand, Job Search

April 21, 2020, Steven Buhler, Personal Marketing Plan

September 25, 2019, *** Job Search 1.0 ***

September 20, 2019, *** Resume Writing 2.0 ***

September 5, 2019, *** Job Search 1.0 ***

August 22, 2019, *** Resume Writing ***

August 16, 2019, *** Job Search Workshop ***

August 14, 2019, *** Facilitator Training ***

June 11, 2019, *** No Meeting - Cancelled ***

June 4, 2019, Deepika Mathur, Staying Healthy in Times of Transition

May 28, 2019, *** Memorial Day Observance - No Meeting ***

May 21, 2019, Deepika Mathur, PARS Exercises

May 14, 2019, Susan Hanshaw & Dean Guadagni of Inner Architect, Build a Business Plan for Your Job Search

May 7, 2019, Christine Young, Salary Negotiation

April 30, 2019, Julia Glyde, Speak with Confidence: How to Present Well Both In-Person & on Video

April 23, 2019, Toni Friday, Causing Excellence in the Job Search

April 16, 2019, Timothy Leong, Getting Ready To Re-Enter The Work Place

April 9, 2019, Marcia Davis, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Job-Seekers

April 2, 2019, Steven Richards, Surviving the Extreme Interview

March 26, 2019, Deepika Mathur, 20 Words or Less Intro & Practice Interviews

March 19, 2019, Randy Block, Looking for Work in 2019

March 12, 2019, Deepika Mathur, Practicing Mock Interviews

March 5, 2019, Susan Chritton, Cultivating a Personal Branding Mindset

February 26, 2019, Rebecca Okamoto, "How to introduce Yourself Perfectly in 20 Words or Less"

February 19, 2019, Deepika Mathur, PARS Group Exercise - Bring your resume!

February 12, 2019, Madelyn Mackie, "Ten New LinkedIn Strategies to Get Noticed"

February 5, 2019, Bob Britz, Using Your Sphere of Influence to Find Jobs and Avoid the Black Hole of Online Applications

January 29, 2019, Chester Santos, The International Man of Memory, Memory Strategies for Job Search

January 22, 2019, “Group PARS Activity and Mystery Speaker”

January 15, 2019, Richard Bertrand, Six Ingredients to a Successful Career Transition"

January 8, 2019, Meeting Suspended

January 1, 2019, *** New Year's Day - No Meeting ***

December 25, 2018, *** Christmas Day - No Meeting ***

December 18, 2018, Meeting Suspended

December 11, 2018, Meeting Suspended

December 4, 2018, Meeting Suspended

November 27, 2018, Meeting Suspended

November 20, 2018, PARS Exercise, Deepika Mathur

November 13, 2018, Ron Elsdon, Interviewing Techniques and Mock Interviews

November 6, 2018, Richard Bertrand, Confidence Building

October 30, 2018, Nicola Walker, Creating What You Want: How to Stop your Head from Getting in the Way of your Ideal Job

October 23, 2018, Peter Engler, Job Search for 45 Plussers

October 16, 2018, Dan Rink, Building Your Talent Table for Success

October 9, 2018, Ron Elsdon, Non-Traditional, Entrepreneurial Careers

October 2, 2018, Deepika Mathur, Job Search Skill Building Exercises

September 25, 2018, Randy Block, Changing you Brain can Change your Life

September 18, 2018, Deepika Mathur, 90 second Speed PARS exercise

September 11, 2018, Deepika Mathur, Job Plan exercise

September 4, 2018, *** Labor Day Holiday Observance - No Meeting ***

August 28, 2018, Bill Pollak, How to keep your financial boat afloat during a career change

August 21, 2018, Steven Campbell, The Brain Whisperer, Rewire Your Brain to find that Perfect Job

August 14, 2018, Diane Greer, 30*60*90 First Days job Plan

August 7, 2018, Mike Leary, Keeping your message concise

July 31, 2018, Kevin Moore, Search Engine Optimization and You

July 24, 2018, Susan Chritton, Writing a Bio that Connects

July 17, 2018, Marcia Davis-Cannon, Encore Careers: Finding Work that Matters in Your Second Half of Your Life

July 10, 2018, Sarah Holtzclaw, Sarah Holtzclaw 10 points for Beating the Dreaded Applicant Tracking System

July 3, 2018, *** 4th of July Holiday Observance - No Meeting ***

June 26, 2018, George Parrish, Network Like A Pro

June 19, 2018, Linda Patten, Dare to Lead

June 12, 2018, Workshop on 30, 60, 90 Second Pitches

June 5, 2018, Rebecca Okamoto, The Perfect Introduction: How to introduce yourself perfectly in 20 words or less

May 29, 2018, Tony Friday, Causing Excellence in the Job Search

May 22, 2018, Randy Block, Hot Jobs 2018 and The Future of Work 

May 15, 2018, 9:30 am, Timothy Leong, A Personal Perspective: Getting Ready to Re-enter the Workforce 

May 8, 2018, La Shawn Wells, 9 Steps for Goal Setting

May 1, 2018, Bob Britz, Global Career Coach, Business Consultant, Author, and Recruiter - Building Careers and Business

April 24, 2018, Mike Leary, Speak as Well as You Think!

April 17, 2018, Dave Boitano, The Gig Economy: Working When You Want To

April 10, 2018, Steven Richards, "Extreme Interviewing" Surviving the Extreme Interview

April 3, 2018, Dan Rink, Networking and Core Competencies

March 27, 2018, Dave Boitano, Negotiating Total Compensation

March 20, 2018, Don McCormick, Personal Marketing Plan

March 13, 2018, Richard Bertrand, The 6 Ingredients of a Successful Job Search

March 6, 2018, Madelyn Mackie, Job Search Strategy

February 20, 2018, Ryan Yip, Is Applying to Jobs Online with a Resume Effective?

February 13, 2018, Howard Zalkin Ph.D., Problems, Actions, Results: PARs Statements

February 6, 2018, Susan Chritton, Positive Psychology in a Time of Transition

January 30, 2018, Mike Leary, To Speak as Well as You Think

January 23, 2018, Abby Kohut, Absolute Abby speaking on "Going Undercover: The Deep Dark Secrets of The Recruiting World"

January 16, 2018, Marcia Davis-Cannon, "Uncover Your Calling! 7 Habits of Highly Effective Job-Seekers!

January 9, 2018, Bill Pollack, ”How to keep your financial boat afloat during this transition” Interis Financial Partners

January 2, 2018 *** New Year's Observance 2018 - No Meeting ***

December 26, 2017 *** Christmas Observance 2017 - No Meeting ***

December 12, 2017, Abby Kohut, ”Absolute Abby” Absolute Abby

December 5, 2017, Gavan Ambrosini, "3 Part Self-Leadership Series -Core Values" AMBROSINI Group

November 28, 2017, Thanksgiving Holiday Observance - No Meeting

November 21, 2017, Abby Kohut, ”Absolute Abby” Absolute Abby

November 7, 2017, Gavan Ambrosini, "3 Part Self-Leadership Series -Emotional Intelligence" AMBROSINI Group

October 31, 2017, William Wesley "TBT"

October 24, 2017, Aaron Michel, EVP at AcademixDirect, Inc "TBT",  Aaron MichelAcademixDirect

October 17, 2017, Denise Kalm, "Stand Out from the Crowd" Denise Kalm Coaching

October 10, 2017, Gavan Ambrosini, "3 Part Self-Leadership Series - StrengthsFinder 2.0" AMBROSINI Group

October 3, 2017, Randy Block, "Hot Jobs - Where to Look in your Job/Work Search"Coach Randy Block

September 12, 2017, Dr. Michelle Peticolas, From Stuck to Unstoppable: 3 Keys to Mastering Overwhelm & Stress

August 29, 2017, Ron Elsdon, "How to Build a Non-Traditional Career Path", How to Build a Non-Traditional Career PathRon Elsdon

August 22, 2017, Puja Markus, "Money Matters When You Are Unemployed"

August 8, 2017, George Parrish, "Look What I've Done At My Age"Look what I have done at my age!

July 18, 2017, Dr. Beth Halbret, "Managing Your Inner Teenager", Dr. Beth Halbret

June 6, 2017, Linda Patten, "Leadership in the Job Interview: What you need to know"Dare to Dream with Linda

May 30, 2017, Group Exercise

May 23, 2017, Chestor Santos, The International Man of Memory, "Memory Training for Job Seekers"International Man of Memory

May 16, 2017, Phyliss Ginsberg, "Possibilities"Phyliss Ginsberg.com

May 9, 2017, Julia Glyde, "Thriving in the Midst of Transition"Julia Glyde

May 2, 2017, Rebecca Martin, "Three Ways to Own your Power (and how to get rid of  everything else)"Rebecca C. Martin

April 25, 2017, Carrie LaShell. "The ABC's of First Impressions", Carrie LaShell

April 18, 2017 *** No Meeting ***

April 11, 2017 *** No Meeting ***

April 4, 2017, Loyd Aeurbach, "Practicing - Speak as Yourself"Speak as Yourself

March 28, 2017, Merideth Mehlberg,  "Clarity + Action + Perseverance = Results"Merideth Mehlberg

March 21, 2017, Mary Knippel, "The Pen’s in Your Hand - Unleash Your Story Worth Writing"Your Writing Mentor

March 14, 2017, Absolutely Abby, "Networking for Introverts, Extroverts and In-Between-Verts", Absolutely Abby 

March 7, 2017, Bill Pollack, "How to Keep Your Financial Boat Afloat During a Job Change"Interis Financial Partners

February 28, 2017, Kimi Avary, "3 Keys to Gender Harmony in the Workplace"Workplace Navigation System

February 21, 2017, La Shawn Wells, "Learn the 9 Steps of Goal Setting"Right Choice Coaching

February 14, 2017, Clara Chorley, "3 Big Mistakes Job Seekers make that Cause them to Lose Motivation, Focus and Not Find the Job they Want"Clarity UNLIMITED

February 7, 2017, Steven Richards, "How to Survive the Extreme Interview"Extreme Interviewing 

January 31, 2017, Deb Dutcher

January 24, 2017, Roberta Redden

January 17, 2017, Deanne Gamba

January 10, 2017, Nicola Walker

January 3, 2017, No Speaker - Group Activity

December 27, 2016 *** Christmas Observance - No Meeting ***

December 20, 2016, William Wesley, "4 Secrets of Happiness"Full Life Balance

December 13, 2016, Dan Rink, Career Coach, "Using the Networking Dialog and Talent Table During the Holiday Season"

December 6, 2016, 11:00am George Parrish: George Parrish on LinkedIn

December 6, 2016, 9:30am Rod Ford-Smith -- Covered California Enrolled Agent. Bring your questions to get answers.

November 29, 2016, Absolute Abby, Absolutely Abby

November 22, 2016, *** Thanksgiving Week - No Meeting ***

November 15, 2016, Julie Anderson, "Want Success? Use Your Brain" Your Best Mind Online

November 8, 2016, Puja Markus, "Planning Your Financial Future", Edward Jones

November 1, 2016, Sonya Williams, "Turn Bah-humbug into Ah-ha"Are You Ready for More

October 25, 2016, Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius, Dr. Michiyo

October 18, 2016, Matthew Silverberg, "Your Work Portfolio" , Matthew Silverberg

October 11, 2016, LaShawn B. Wells, "Vision and the Power of Goal Setting, Living the Life You Imagine"Right Choice Coaching

October 4, 2016, Steven Campbell, "Rewire Your Brain to find that Perfect Job"

September 27, 2016, Anita Johnson, "Negotiation: Getting What You're Worth"

September 20, 2016, Gavan Ambrosini, "How to Organize your Job Search"

September 13, 2016, Bill Pollak,  "How to Keep your Financial Boat Afloat During a Career Transition"Your Money Journey

September 6, 2016, No Speaker - Group Activity

August 30. 2016, Chester Santos,  "Memory Training for Job Seekers"International Man of Memory

August 23, 2016

August 16, 2016, Randy Block, Randy Block

August 9,2016, Don McCormick (former EU member), "Personal Branding"

August 2, 2016, Kimi Avary, "3 Keys to Gender Harmony in the Workplace"Work Place Navigation System

July 26, 2016, Michael Anne Conley, "Freedom!  Tame Habits That Keep You Stuck - Your Job Search from the Inside Out", Habits Into Health

July 19, 2016, David Petrovay, PhD, "Transition and Your Job Search: How to Get from an Ending to a Beginning", David Petrovay Coaching

July 12, 2016, Jim Holtan, "Video Resumes", Jim Holtan

July 5, 2016, No Speaker - Group Activity

June 28, 2016, David Mitroff, "The Networked Professional: Maximizing your Online Connections", Professional Connecto

June 21, 2016, Roy Terry, "Your Pitch Taken to the Next Level to Make It More Interesting, More Memorable and More Fun", Get a Winning Pitch

June 14, 2016, Marcia Davis-Cannon, "Uncover Your Calling", Uncover Your Calling

June 7, 2018, Linda Patten, "Leadership in the Job Interview: What you need to Know"Dare 2 Dream with Linda

May 31, 2016, No Speaker - Group Activity

May 24, 2016, Debbieac Lewis, "How to Navigate the Federal Hiring System"USA Jobs

May 17, 2016, Stacy Leitner, "Securing Employment:  Tips and Tricks", A Great Day's Work

May 10, 2016, Reynold Lewke,"Take Charge of Your Career – Understanding Why and How You Need to Plan for 2050"Reynold Lewke

May 3, 2016, Leslie Landberg,  "DREAM Curriculum" Leslie's LinkedIn Profile

April 26, 2016, Dick Scoppettone, "Starting Your Next Career"Little Biz

April 19, 2016, Dr. Michelle Peticolas, "From Loss to Illumination: Grief as a Gateway to Power, Purpose and Prosperity"Secrets of Life and Death

April 12, 2016, Clara Chorley, "3 Big Mistakes Job Seekers Make that Cause Tem to Lose Motivation, Focus and Not Find the Job They WantClarity UNLIMITED

April 5, 2016, Puja Markus-Brooks, "Know Your Options to be Strategic when Accessing Your Retirement Funds", Edward JonesPuja's LinkedIn Profile

March 29, 2016, Gavan Ambrosini, "How to Get the 'Professional Edge' - Tips for Accelerating Your Job Search", California Employers Association

March 22, 2016, Randy Peyser, "Don't Just Think Outside the Box - Flatten It"Author One Stop

March 15, 2016, Kimi Avary, "5 Keys to Gender Harmony in the Workplace" Work Place Navigation System

March 8, 2016, Dr. Raul Deju, "The Most Important Talk You Will Ever Listen To!"Raul Deju

March 1, 2016, Loyd Auerbach, "Team Building", Speak as Yourself

February 23, 2016, Larry Jacobson, "Redefining Retirement"Larry Jacobson

February 16, 2016, Tony Wilkins, "What to Do While Looking for Work", Tony Wilkins Author and Radio personality

February 9, 2016, Rebecca Martin, "How to Read Body Language of Your Interviewer"Rebecca C. Martin

February 2, 2016, William Wesley, "6 steps to the Best You"Full Life Balance

January 19, 2016, Amanda Elo'esh Johnsen, M.A., "Discover Your True Purpose; Find the Job You Love"Amanda Elo'esh Johnsen, M.A.

January 12, 2016, Abby Kohut, "", Absolutely Abby

January 5, 2016, Rebecca Martin, "Best Body Language Practices for a Successful Interview"Rebecca C. Martin

December 22 & 29, 2015, No Speaker - Group Activity

December 15, 2015, Chester Santos

December 8, 2015, Stephanie Staidly, The Right Brain Entrepreneur

December 1, 2015, Mark Statton

November 24, 2015, No Speaker - Group Activity

November 17, 2015, Eric Waisman, "Enhance Your Social Intelligence!", Jaunty

November 10, 2015, Italina Kirk's, "Leverage LinkedIn", Italina Image

November 3, 2015, Mary Knippel, “Your Writing Mentor", Your Writing Mentor

October 27, 2015, Carolyn CJ Jones,"Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Beyond the Old Job", Carolyn CJ Jones

October 20, 2015, Iris Stallworth-Grayling, MA, Ht, CPC, "Joy as a Path to Power!", Joy, Love, Power

October 13, 2015, Julie Anderson, "Want Success? Use Your Brain", Your Best Mind Online

October 6, 2015, Loyd Auerbach, "Speak as Yourself", Speak as Yourself

September 29, 2015, Richard Morgin, "Is Entrepreneurship for You", Is Entrepreneurship for You?

September 22, 2015, Linda Paten, "Five Most Important Things to Show the Interviewer”, Dare 2 Dream with Linda

September 15, 2015, Steven Campbell, "How We Learn", The Brain Whisperer

September 8, 2015, EU Member Activity, TBD

September 1, 2015, Jai Jiaong, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur, "Bust Fears and Build Courage", Fearbuster Website

August 25, 2014, Bobbie LaPorte, Career Coach & 6x Ironman Triathalon Athlete, "3 Keys that will Instruct & Inspire You to Meet the Challenges You Face", Bobbie LaPorte and Associates

August 18, 2015, Michael MacDonald, Financial Advisor, "Social Security Planning", The Financial Advisor Website

August 11, 2015, Claire Marchiano, NBCC Certified Career Counselor, "How Can I Earn What I Am Worth, WCA Berkeley Website

August 4, 2015, Phyllis Ginsberg, Survival to Thrival Coach, "Possibilities Presentation", Phylliss Ginsberg Website

July 28, 2015, Tom Pearson, Life Success Coach, "Thinking into Results", Own My Greatness

July 21, 2015, Chester Santos, The International Man of Memory, "Memory Training for Job Seekers", International Man of Memory

July 14, 2015, Susan Chritton, Executive Career Coach & Brand Strategist, "Personal Branding in a time of Transition", Susan Chritton

July 7, 2015, George Parrish, Business Coach, "Network like a Pro", Consultants GP

June 30, 2015, Ellen Looyen, Brand and Influence Coach, "The Art of Personal Branding", Personal Branding

June 23, 2015, Rick Silva, The Referral Coach, The Network Connection

June 16, 2015, Bill Pollak, Financial Advisor, "How to Keep Your Financial Boat Afloat During a Career Change", Your Money Journey

June 9, 2015, Holly Hansen, Empowerment Coach, "Breaking the Glass: How to Stop Listening to all the Things that are Holding You Back from Happiness and Success", Four Keys

June 2, 2015, Dr. Susan Bernstein, Career Empowerment and Leadership Coach, "Interviewing with Power and Authenticity", Sensational Shift

May 26, 2015, Rikk Hansen, Career and Leadership Coach, "The Career Calling Guide", Brillant NEXT

May 19, 2015, Craig Nathanson, Vocational Coach, "Joyful Work in Midlife - The Five Stages", The Vocational Coach

May 12, 2015, Annie Mergens, Ashley Vignola & Emily Tadlock, recruiters with Accountemps, Office Team & Robert Half, AccounTemps, Office Team, Robert Half

May 5, 2015, Koorosh Ostowari, Author, "Powerful Life Strategies that can help you manage Stress and Anxiety around your job, finances and life transition", The Money Anxiety Cure

April 28, 2015, Steven Richards, Retired Recruiter and SCORE Volunteer, "Extreme Interviewing" Extreme Interviewing

April 21, 2015, Christine Lambert, Regional Recruiter with Nelson Staffing, "Hiring Trends in the Bay Area", Nelson Staffing

April 14, 2015, Brian Pierskalla, Former EU Member, "How to Get a Government Job", Brian's LinkedIn Profile

March 31, 2015, Abby Kohut, Author & Speaker on Recruitment and Career Development, "Secrets Recruiters Don't Want You to Know", Absolutely Abby

March 24, 2015, Elizabeth "Lizz" Proctor, The Resume Doctor, "Effective Resume Secrets©", The Resume Doctor Presentation Documents: Verbs Categorized by Skill, How Fonts Affect the Subconscious Overview, Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions, Instructions 7 Steps to Developing Effective Resume Content Summary, Worksheet 7 Steps to Developing Effective Resume Content Form, IT Cover Letter and Functional Resume Sample

March 17, 2015, 11am, Jennifer Ewing, Artist, "Navagating Change/Developing an Inner Compass", How to Navigate Change

March 17, 2015, 9:30am, Susie O'Bryant, Small Business Development Center, "Give your Business the Competitive Edge”No-Cost Resources from the SBDC and more….., LinkedIn Profile

March 10, 2015, Laura Paradise, Life Coach, "Assert Yourself - Tips & Techniques to Help You Be Bold & Get Hired", Laura Paradise Coaching

March 3, 2015, Don McCormick, Our own EU Member, "How to Create a Personal Marketing Plan that Focuses Your Job Search"

February 24, 2015, Darlene Abbott, EDD Representative, "EDD Classes and Resources", EDD

February 17, 2015, Cara Cordini, Professional Life Coach, "Happiness Habit: 'Happy' Your Way to Success", Flashlight Coaching

February 10, 2015, Clara Chorley, Business Life Coach and Keynote Speaker, "3 Big Mistakes That Cause Job Seekers to Lose Motivation, Focus and Not Find the Job They Want", Clarity Unlimited

February 3, 2015, Melissa Washington, Speaker, Author and Trainor, "Using LinkedIn to Find Work", Get Back to Work

January 27, 2015, William Wesley, Transformational Speaker and Top Performance Coach, "Establishing the Foundation of Success, Part 2", Full Life Balance

January 20, 2015, William Wesley, Transformational Speaker and Top Performance Coach, "Establishing the Foundation of Success, Part 1", Full Life Balance

January 13, 2015, David Jones, Vice President, Human Resources at Kaiser Permanente, "The 'How and 'Why' of Networking", LinkedIn Profile

January 6, 2015, Jay Whiting, "New's Resolution Fixer - How to Make Them Real", Forward Aspiration

December 30, 2014, EU Activity

December 23, 2014, EU Activity

December 16, 2014, Eva Angvert Harren, "Standing in Your Power with Authenticity", BEAM LiFE

December 9, 2014, Susan Strong, "Becoming Your Own CEO", The Entrepreneur's Source

November 25, 2014, Sandy Sanderson, "Winning the Interview", Meridian Executive Resources --(Scheduled but speaker was unable to attend due to health complications.)

November 11, 2014, Puja Marcus-Brooks, "Planning Your Financial Future", Edward Jones

November 4, 2014, Mark Sackett, "The Art of Active Networking", The Art of Active Networking Website

October 28, 2014, Richard Bertrand, "Navigating a Successful TransitionLinkedIn Profile

October 21, 2014, Alan Bailey, "Recruiting Exposed" Bara Infoware, Inc.

October 14, 2014, Antoinette Dawson , "Part 2 -You're Hired, Preparing for the Offer"

October 7, 2014, Noelle Morra , "Three Ways to Channel & Turn Stress into Action"

September 30, 2014, Ron Elsdon, "How to Build a Non-Traditional Career Path", Elsdon Organizational Renewal

September 23, 2014, Teresa Garza, "Keep Your Home California" San Francisco Housing Development Corporation

September 16, 2014, Antoinette Dawson, "Part 1- You're in our Top 3, Preparing for the Final Interview"

September 9, 2014, Tony Wilkins, "Ten Tips for Increasing Your Visibility with Prospects", Tony Wilkins Talk Radio

September 2, 2014, Sandeep Saxena, "How to Stay Motivated during the Job Search" This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

August 26, 2014, Sandra Patino, "Strategies to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities", Sandra Patino Global

August 19, 2014, Al Hulvey, "Getting a Job is as Easy as 1-2-3", CareerActions.org

August 12, 2014 Vanesse Johnson, "Brand You and Your Career", On the Move Careers

August 5, 2014, Donna Fedor, "Creating a Powerful Foundation and Plan for your Job Search", Affinity People Solutions

July 29, 2014, George Parrish, "Networking", Eco File Corp

July 22, 2014, Michael Webb, "6 Weeks to Multiple Job Offers", Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.

July 15, 2014, Bill Pollack, "How to Keep Your Financial Boat Afloat during a Career Change" Your Money Journey

July 8, 2014, Dave Boitano, Bob Coleman, "How to Stay Positive During Your Job Search"

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